Crumbling Façade EP

by Josh Belville



Recorded in Josh's Bedroom in the winter of 2009-10. All tracks written by Josh.


released February 9, 2010

Josh Belville - vocals, guitar
Hydrogen - drum program!



all rights reserved


Josh Belville Portland

Actor/musician living in Portland, OR.

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Track Name: I Got It!
i got it, i told you that i had it
you know i'm never gonna let it go

i'm talking about your love
Track Name: Pay Attention!
every time i look outside
i see your face among the crowd
and every time i shout out loud
but you just keep on starin
i can't believe the clothes i'm wearin
were bought by you in 2002
i can't believe they fit
like they were brand new

somehow i gotta make this right!

so pay attention

i hate everything i see
in newspapers and on the tv
and if i had my choice
i'd have my heart, my breath
but your voice
and everybody's taken
and everybody's heart's are breakin
and everybody's lounging around
in tracksuits and motherfucking ballroom gowns
Track Name: Listen (Is This the End?)
listen when i'm
calling your name
in the darkness
i can't feel your
breath on my cheek

and i fell into your sky
listened to your voice
i thought it was freedom
but i had no choice
always be your lover
but never your friend
is this the end?

you never made a move
you never rejoiced
was it a depression
or was it your choice?
always be my lover
but never my friend
is this the end?

i told you i'd never forget you
but i forgot why i said that
and i will not listen again
i will not listen again
Track Name: Light to Shine/Nothing
'light to shine'

there were times when we were happy
and times when i went off the wall
but baby baby baby baby
in the end we had a ball

and you know that i was cautious
and that's the thing that wore us down
but i was happy just to have you
you were the one who kept me on the ground

and oh timorous me
never a light to shine
whatever happens to me
i know you'll be
i know you'll be just fine

i am huddled in the corner
retracing all the steps we took
and i can't walk this path forever
so if you'd help me take a look

you're a small part of my life
but even small wounds can kill
but baby baby baby baby
you know i miss the thrill



nothing, i offer nothing
i don't believe you
tell me the truth x2

you were absent for fourteen days
when you come back we're all amazed
how different you look
how different you feel
there's just no appeal

when i kiss you it's tastes like dirt
and your eyes never seem alert
where have you gone
where did you go
nobody knows!