Here Lies Laika

by Here Lies Laika

Love/Glove 02:27
i knew a time when there was no rhyme only reason in this world and i knew a place where you'd never see a face only arms and legs of girls and i was the kind of boy who never played around with simple little toys but i never knew a love that fit me like a glove no i never knew a love that fit me like a glove
Insomnia 02:56
i can't believe all the thoughts i am thinking something about how my eyes are unblinking crusted over with goo and starting to peel (yeah yeah) maybe these damn infomercials will help me try not to drink coca cola before sleep maybe i'll buy some shit from ron popeil insomnia! how i deplore ya how i wish to get your form out of my bed insomnia! i can't control ya (but i want you dead) when i wake up it's already the evening cannot remember the things i was dreaming drool gone down my chin and soaking my pillow wish i could fix my circadian rhythm give me a break from my lethargy schism instead i spend all night watching TV or willow chorus
i was the ant, and you were the bee you were the one taking care of me and we were a team, and we were a pair even when i had all my hair the fishes below, some of them glow some of them stare, some of them know when i was young, i thought you would care i thought this contraption would make you care i spent all my time, i spent all my money i spent it all on making you care chorus inst i was the ant, you were the bee you were the one with the melody i had the voice and you had the bass and i had the food on my face chorus
i got a penny for your thoughts baby i got a penny for your thoughts why did it take you so long to hate me why didn't it happen from the start everything we had was wrong! i never thought you forgave me baby i always saw it in your eyes trust dissipated and no more maybes no more hello's, only goodbyes everything we had was wrong! i got a penny for your thoughts baby i got a penny for your thoughts, yeah!
Paranoia 03:47
What a Life! 02:18
people always told me that i was so funny but that never made me any spending money i'd say a few jokes with waggling eyebrow and down all the shots of whisky my head would allow my mother, god bless her, she tries to invite me to all of her bridge club parties; politely i decline, tell i'm going out with some dudes when really i'm in bed eating mouthfuls of reheated food oh what a life! i'm out on my own but i don't feel any more grown what a life! i sit in this chair in my goddamn underwear my girlfriend won't call me, says the phone disconnected but i know she's texting that boy from schenectady my job is so repetitive it makes me feel dizzy and those guys outside keep playing fucking frizbee chorus x2
Peas 03:05


An album of collected songs that I had sitting around on my hard drive for years. Conceptually speaking, HLL has a cymbal now.


released May 12, 2016

Josh Belville - everything
Lyrics for "Clementine" by The Decemberists


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Josh Belville Portland

Actor/musician living in Portland, OR.

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