rinse repeat next summer

by Josh Belville



a single to commemorate anxieties, depressions, and the passing of summer.


released October 13, 2017

josh belville - everything
(drums came from hydrogen)


all rights reserved



Josh Belville Portland

Actor/musician living in Portland, OR.

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Track Name: rinse repeat next summer
look inside
of yourself
for that shit
you keep locked up
it's still there
fighting for
your attention

no one knows
what it's called
or if it's got
your number
just beware
cause it lacks
all direction

la la la la
la la la la
you felt better
when you were dumber
la la la la
la la la la
next summer

take your time
you've got years
lots of secrets
to digest
as the hole
in your stomach
tries to kill you

graying beard
hobbled gait
to the grave
you'll bury
this one
and the lining
of your stomach
will deceive you

Track Name: ode to disarray
close the curtain
i'm not dressed
i look like a beached whale
who was certainly
under duress
and could not prevail

paler than a moonbeam
i am not to be seen

i've been eating
nothing good
nothing with nutrition
motivation's fleeting
failing's understood
still i lack ambition

toilet time is very--
actually it's fucking scary

and when i find my voice
buried underneath
the pizza boxes
paper bags
and pringles cans
it has to be my choice
though i'd rather
spend my days alone
obsessed about
my master plan
and where i go
when i die

take the garbage
to the curb
it's not hard to do that
note the carnage
find the verb
don't forget to pet your cat

you've got finite time here
don't you wait til next year

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