Sellout EP

by Josh Belville



Recorded in Josh's bedroom at the Oregon St house, Portland, OR, in April of 2010.


released June 1, 2010

Josh Belville - guitar, vocals, drum machine, hand claps, everything
Art is an untitled piece by Gene Davis, 1980. Taken from the Commons on


all rights reserved



Josh Belville Portland

Actor/musician living in Portland, OR.

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Track Name: Wasting My Time
i never said i was a passionate man
i keep my feelings in the palm of my hand
i spit out insults at the drop of a hat
not to your face though; behind your back

and i keep wasting my time
getting drunk and getting stoned
i should be spending more time
getting back what i once owned

i never said i couldn't do anything
i only said i didn't want to do anything
except sit here and put some brown in my veins
white in my nose, bass in my mains

Track Name: Think About the Future
let's stop talking about
these goddamn hypothetical girls
that won't get out of your head
you know it's not the end of the world

you gotta think about the future
(not every girl is out to get you)
don't you dwell upon the past
(you want something that will last?)
you gotta think about the future
(rip out those memories like sutures)
you gotta think about it fast

you gotta think about it

please don't regret what you've done
just settle on a brand new goal
you think you're such a nice guy
but really you're an asshole



Track Name: Ruby Lips
what can i do? what can i say?
i'm pulling closer to push you away
and if i don't gotta dance, i don't gotta smile
this won't take me any time at all

and don't you dance pretty baby
don't you shake those hips
don't you kiss me with those ruby lips

you're in the car and i'm outside
if i wanna take you home i can't decide
i'm pacing back and forth, i got a path in the dirt
i can't tell if i want to hurt


every boy on the scene has got your eyes
and i've got two hands on both your thighs
now the bass is a-thumping and the guitar strums
and i can feel your body hum

Track Name: I Love to Roam
baby let's keep on walking
maybe we'll find our way home
you don't know cause i didn't tell ya,
but baby i love to roam

my two feet they get antsy
constantly making me go
and when they start i just can't stop
cause baby i love to roam

hey pretty baby whatcha doing tonight?
take a walk with me in the pale moonlight
when we're holding hands man it's outta sight
we won't stop until it feels right
Track Name: Sellout
i got a hole in my heart so big
everybody thinks it's an intentional dig
but i swear it's just the part of my heart that fell out
when i forgot the words and became a sellout

everybody beware, cause i'm coming to your town
i got a setlist and bottle of crown
i'm gonna drink one and play another
and if i play my game right i'll sleep with your mother


now my pants are too tight and my tongue is still wagging
i'm getting kinda sweaty from the baggage i'm dragging
your town smells funny and your drinks are weak
i hope you brought some shoes for those dancing feet


all you ladies sit back and watch me get freaky
even though i'm getting old and my bones are creaky
i can still bust a move on the dance floor baby
and if you wanna tangle all you gotta say is maybe

chorus x2
Track Name: Brittle Leaves
"one of these days" she said
"i'm gonna find you wandering
and i won't feel compelled
to bring you back home"

and then she kissed my face
in that ridge between my eyebrows
and went back to reading
that shitty old book

and i couldn't sleep at all that night
had the most terrifying dreams
when the morning came
i felt like brittle leaves

my coffee pot broke and i
stepped on a piece of caffeine glass
and she knelt down in the blood
and taped up my foot

somehow we knew
despite our awkward silences
that together was better
than being apart

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