Oregon Organs

from by Josh Belville



written in 2010


portland when i wake up in the morning
i say a little prayer
i usually do it in my underwear
to a possibly existent god
i ask for health and care
and then i shave off all
the right side of my hair

baby when i come home after work
i try to find you with telepathy
sometimes i forget your name is bethany
and so into the minds of all
i shout "hey girl i seem to know!
hey girl i made out with
after the viva voce show"

i want you in my arms
as we walk down to the coop store
to buy some eggs from top
organic farms
no cause for alarm
be you vegan, or freegan
or just another bundle of organs
oregon organs

baby when i take you out to dinner
we first stand in a line
everyone goes everywhere all the time
in a rain we call a sprinkle
as we wait for seats assigned
i wonder if my credit card
will be declined

portland i am lost within your bookstores
your faithful stapled zines
and all the coffeeshops and breweries inbetween
even the faux eyeglass'd hipsters
in their ever-skinny jeans
can't stop the tumbling of love
that i am feeeeeling

i want you on my lawn
like a queen set out to demonstrate
a victory to all her willing pawns
still you must be calm
be you christian, or fishmen
or just another bundle of organs
oregon organs

lately i've been finding myself waning
and waxing when i can
and gibbering when such attitudes are in demand
and when i'm blue i pull the seashore
from virginia to japan
i pull it up like blankets with my moony hands

then i find your shape in my mind
arrange the blankets thus
sometimes when it's dark it's like the two of us
like ursa major i'm the big spoon
you never make a fuss
in silence i can make out your voice -- just

i want you by my side
while the hippies
flaunt their canisters
of doctored weed
and hemp shirts tied and dyed
hang on for the ride
lest we crash and the streets
are littered with all of our organs
oregon organs


from The End, released January 1, 2014




Josh Belville Portland

Actor/musician living in Portland, OR.

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