Punch Out Love

from by Josh Belville



written in 2008


i am tethered to your arm once again
you make the blood beat fast in my brain
getting dizzy from adrenaline
my heart can't keep up with the strain

of you next to me
it's like radioactivity

oh i see stars when i see you
like being punched out by sugar ray leonard
a waltz in three-four time will do
but i'm feeling quite a rock beat in my chest

the days feel like spring all the time
even in minus twenty-nine
looking at you is like looking at sunlight
and when you smile it feels so bright

and warm, like maui!
it's like radioactivity

oh i feel sick when i'm with you
i drank too much love potion number nine
if i am rubber and you are glue
then baby i'll stick to you

i'll rope in the moon for you
just like jim stewart did
it's a wonderful life
cause it is when i'm with you

chorus 1
chorus 2
chorus 1 x2


from The End, released January 1, 2014




Josh Belville Portland

Actor/musician living in Portland, OR.

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