from by Josh Belville



written in 2008


two weeks worth of rotten fish
a tupperware full of salad
if i don't get these out of here
i will contract some sort of malady

the first thing after leaving
is to throw away all of your shit
in the fridgerator

seven years of boca burgers
a thousand trips to trader joe's
some kind of tofu mistake
it all has to go


i just want some room in my refridgerator!

i have got a hankering
for some kind of sheep shank
or indescribable meat product
ooh it makes my mouth all watery
i'll wash it down with hefeweisen--
i know you hate hefeweisen--
and when i'm done i'll clear the fridge
of every last healthy vestige of you!

chorus x2 w/coda


from The End, released January 1, 2014




Josh Belville Portland

Actor/musician living in Portland, OR.

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