Everybody Knows

from by Josh Belville



written in 2011


this is the start of the conversation
that tore us apart
and i can see your hands on the wheel like so
red knuckles heart beating overflow
if we're gonna stop on the side of the street
there better be the promise of body heat
skin touching skin and nose to nose
everybody knows

i can't relate to the indecision
you often create
it seems there is a world that you're making up
your future's in the bottom of a tea-filled cup
can't you see the clouds are a symbol too?
so's the gum on the bottom of your shoe
i tried to speak but my mind froze
everybody knows

and i had a melancholy time
pouring through your afternoon shoes
trying to find any hint of any news
but all i found were crumpled up hate letters
your spelling's not much better
than skin from those who decompose
everybody knows

this is the end of the early mornings i had to pretend
to be a better boyfriend and let you sleep
soul-sucking heartbreaking bleating sheep
now i've got the time to just fade away
i can sleep all fucking day
there's no comparing cons and pros
everybody knows


from The End, released January 1, 2014




Josh Belville Portland

Actor/musician living in Portland, OR.

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